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1-Button transmitter (Common type)

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1-Button transmitter (Common type)

Model: SB5-1PWH / SB5-1PBK / SB5-1PBR







 Snow White / Dark Black / Light Brown


 Transmitter (FSK Low Power Data Transmission Standard)


 434Mhz Band


 CR2032 Coin cell 1EA


 PCB Antenna

 Transmission Type

 Omnidirectional (360˚)


- Battery Life Time : about 2 years (based on 15call per day)
- Bell ID : Generated max. 16 million (by adopting TI CPU)
- Life Waterproof guarantee (by adopting Case integrated structure)
- Durability guarantee (12.6mm Slim type design)
- Stable Transmission guarantee(by adopting FSK Transmission)
- Using high-brightness 1 Red LED for device identification
- Reduction in current consumption through the battery-circuit control technology
- Improve wireless environment through the RF Transmission-circuit control technology
- Look good anywhere 12.6mm slim design
- The most common design and Easy-to-customer logo (by Top sticker change)

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1-Button transmitter -Common type-

1-Button transmitter -Common type-